MBSR for Native Speakers

MBSR - Exploring the Power of Mindfulness

Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program combines ancient mindfulness meditations with findings from state-of-the-art neuroscience and psychology. It teaches you ways to meet the present moment, no matter how hard or challenging your circumstances. When held in awareness with gentleness and self-compassion, each experience has the potential for catalyzing, healing, and transforming your life.

Mindfulness is both a discipline and an adventure. The 8-week training accompanies you on a self-exploratory journey to being your own best friend in whatever you are facing. It invites you to learn and cultivate various applications of mindfulness in everyday living, relating and working. They include:

  • Making use of your senses to amplify perceptual awareness, embodied presence, mental clarity, and contentment in the so-called ‘now’
  • Realizing how each moment can be a branch point—a portal into a new way of being with your experience - and for finding freedom
  • Practical ways for bringing greater presence and connecting to yourself, others and your work
  • Step-by-step guidance through mindfulness practices including mindfulness of body sensations, breathing, thinking, walking, gentle yoga and kindness toward yourself
  • Recognizing emotional patterns that trigger suffering and learning ways to restore emotional balance

For over three decades MBSR has been documented in a myriad of clinical studies to be a highly effective, practical and sustainable method for reducing stress and improving resilience, concentration, creativity and communication. People from all over the world have found it to be a powerful tool for solving the puzzles of their life.

Highlights of the Training:

  • Free yourself from auto-pilot and find a new sense of freedom and vitality
  • Breathing as a gateway to calm, poise and joy
  • Mindful Body Scan, Yoga, Sitting and Walking Meditations for opening into stillness, wholeness, and interconnectedness
  • A loving kindness meditation
  • Responding to stress instead of reacting: How to bring mindful presence to difficult situations and feelings
  • Eight 3-hr meetings and an Intensive Day (in silence)
  • Three immersive CDs and a Comprehensive Manual for your explorations

Mindfulness does work- through continuous practice. Be prepared to set aside 45-60 minutes per day during of this course. Taking time to explore and cultivate mindfulness literally is a gift to yourself- a commitment to your health and well being.

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MBSR in English: Exploring the Power of Mindfulness

Learning how to meet the present moment with compassion and caring, no matter how hard or challenging your circumstances.

Limited number of participants

Time: Saturdays 11 a.m.-5.30 p.m.

Dates: Tba

Location: Tba

Fee: 450,00 Euro, including 3 Audio Files and Comprehensive Manual

Facilitator: Isabella Winkler

Organizer: IndiTO Bildung, Training und Beratung, Bonn

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Note: German health insurance companies (Gesetzliche Krankenkassen) support this course with a bonus of about 70 Euros upon completion of the training.